BS with transmitter from nest in RS Makov (to 31.12.2021)

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Re: BS with transmitter from nest in RS Makov

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marika.solo wrote: 12 Jan 2022, 09:28 1/ Blue don't fly the Eastern route through Turkey, storklet used the intermediate flyway
2/ there are documented more black storks, who successfully crossed the Mediterranean, not only 1 (I know few)
It gave me a month of daily work, and still there is someone immediately who immediately publicly questions someone's published thoughts, even though we communicate privately on a private basis almost daily.

ad1) The stork flew east, I didn't say anywhere that it flew over Turkey. He flew east, because he flew southeast. He didn't fly southwest. The eastern route is east of the imaginary vertical axis from the center of Europe. We talk about Green and Blue like this all the time, until now, suddenly, someone who suddenly names it differently shows up to show something.
ad2) So can you prove the many documented and proven flights of black storks? Storks that have crossed the Mediterranean from shore to shore and are recording data from radios with location and time that it really happened? Not the assumption that one day he was seen there and in the morning elsewhere? Like Timmi (I don't remember his name now) Can you name just three of the many documented storks, as you write, for example? Specifically with the data? You never mentioned a lot, and we talked about it a few times. Who are you hiding that information from? Or for such occasions?

I'm sorry this is happening. And I'm very disappointed. I have NEVER questioned or insulted your conclusions and the results of your work here. On the contrary, he always praised. Results, travelogues and work. Always and everywhere, publicly and privately.
And I don't want you to edit my posts without my knowledge and mark your editing. I have already expressed this wish once. It's my job, my contribution is at least the decency to mark your fix and notify the author of the content of the fix along with the reason for the fix.
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Re: BS with transmitter from nest in RS Makov

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Hello everyone,

Since we do not have rules of this forum published yet I would like to inform all of you:
- previous post is example of style of communication which will not be accepted in the future,
- please try to stay on topic in the threads (we discuss migration here viewtopic.php?f=1&t=19 - Discussion to migration),
- misunderstandings should be clarified via private messages.

Thank you.
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